How  Samsungs Can Keep You Out of Trouble. What the World Would Be Like If Samsungs Didn’t Exist. If You want to read one Article About Samsungs in your life. You should  Read This One How Samsung is Making the World a Better Place


What would be your reactions if I say “Samsung is a Grocery store”? I know it will be shocking But it’s true Samsung world-renowned electronic company started its journey as a grocery store. Lee Byung-Chul, Samsung founder started this Notable company as a small business which trades Local groceries, dried fishes, and noddles. As the business prospered, Lee moved the company’s head office to Seoul in 1947.

During the Korean War broke out, Lee leaves Seoul, then he started a Sugar refinery named CJgroup in Busan. With the time, Samsung diversified its business into a wide variety of businesses like Textile, Retail, Communication, Insurance, etc., As a part of its expansion journey, Samsung entered in Electronics Industry in the late 1960 and started several electronic divisions to produce Semiconductors, Electromechanics, Samsung cornering, etc.,

Samsung Produced a Black and White TV set has its first product. Let’s have a look on

List of Samsung products available in the Market:

 Samsung Electronic Products

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Audio Sound
  • Watches
  • Smart Switch
  • Mobile Accessories
  • TVs
  • Sound Devices
  • Refrigerators
  • Laundry
  • Air Solutions
  • Cooking Appliances
  • Monitors
  • Memory Storage

Samsung Digital services:

  • Smart Switch
  • SamsungNotes
  • Galaxy Store
  • Samsung Pay
  • Bixby
  • Samsung Health
  • Find My Mobile
  • Galaxy Themes
  • Samsung Members
  • Game Launcher
  • Samsung Global Goals
  • Samsung DeX
  • One UI
  • Samsung Pass
  • Samsung Internet
  • Smart Call
  • Samsung Kids
  • Samsung Health Monitor

And other sector businesses like Samsung Machinery & Heavy Industries( Shipbuilding, Offshore development, constructions) and many more

The upcoming innovative products and solutions from Samsung

Samsung is coming with Innovative products and solutions to give unstoppable experience to its users from waterproof TV, AI robots to AI powered Washing machines, Vacuum cleaners Have a looking on Cutting edge solutions of Samsung below

Foldable Mobiles with 5G enabled:

Smartphone technology is changing today to today, Samsung is going to enhance its consumer experience with its latest features like Foldable mobiles, High speed internet access. They are working on thiny Led display, you can expect a mobile phone as a thin strip which can you folded like Handkerchef.

AI powered Home appliances:

AI is transforming How the world works through its automation and decision making. Samsung is working on AI powered Home appliances to make its user experience wonderful. Presently, It is working AI powered Washing machine and Vaccum cleaner to save power and resource required for operating this appliances like water, detergients.


Customizable Refrigerator

 How it will be “If we see a new refrigerator every day”? I know it’s wow. Samsung developing a customizable refrigerator to provide the ultimate user experience in terms of look, cool system, etc.,

And other innovations you will like are Samsung Smart Home, 110-inch MICRO LED, SmartThings Cooking, etc.,

To see it visually, I will suggest you watch this video



How Samsung is able to create this wonders?

 Create the future is the tagline of Samsung. Passion for creating ultimate experience for its user made Samsung one of the top electronic company in the world. Samsung keeps its standard and deliverables perfect with the efforts of lakhs of passion oriented employees and business partners around the world at Research and development center, Manufacturing industries, and distribution centers.

Creating products is different from making them likable by the customers. Samsung started building its brand though unique strategies which adapted gap in the market as marketing strategy

Samsung Marketing strategies:

       1.Pricing a product right is the only choice any company have to capture the market. Samsung focussed to capture the Customers who wants high end Smart phone at best price by offering its High End mobile at good price to take competitive advantages Apple mobiles.

  1. Made Customer need as Product features Customer love the products which loves their problems. Samsung followed the same principle. Mobile companies like Apple, Motorolla, Nokia are trying to make their products as Status symbol or affordable.

Samsung worked on problems which customers are facing while using a mobile phones like Heavy body, Mass look, slow charging, low battery life and turned problems into features like Slim, stylish look, Fast charging and More battery life.

  1. Using everycorner of Digital media:

As the physical world moving into the Digital world, Samsung identified the importance of having High quality digital presence in form of Beautiful Website, Engaging Social media accounts.

Samsung making its social media marketing moves perfect with the help of Social listening. Social Listening is a powerful tool to study the sentiments and engagement of the users on the internet like trending content in the industry.

Ex: Samsung released its new promo material on Slow motion camera features which was identified and planned after Huawei video focused on same feature got viral Whatever, Samsung always love to work on things its customer wants.

Samsung Sales and Earning:

 Samsung reclaimed its top spot as No 1 mobile brand in the world with 22.7 percent by shipping 80.4 millions in the last quarter.

The korean Smart phone giant doing well in the most of the world but facing slight down in the China market.

Up and down is common in life or business. Whatever the global position Samsung will be at top in consumer mind interms of Stylish look, Durability and resale value.

Let’s hope, Samsung will move some extra miles to make our life unstoppable with its innovative products and solutions.