Special summer days, feast, and gusty nights by water are all set in the list. Moonstones are a perfect summer choice meant to be a pleasing chakra for vagabonds at night and through the water. As the temperature increases in the summer months, the trends for lighter and brighter accessories tend to take up the mood. Looking for a suitable jewelry collection, moonstone bracelets hold a great place in the list of gemstones. Moonstones are soft but stiff stones at the same time, which brings total bliss to any outfit. The gleaming colors of the moonstone bracelet add meaning to the whole atmosphere with its details in the light shades. 


Rananjay exports source its beautiful moonstones from reliable dealers in the industry. And as aWholesale Gemstone Manufactureand supplier based in India, we are successfully serving the quest of our ever-growing clients. And this guide will help you pick the best moonstone bracelet collection.


moonstone bracelets


Experience the beauty of moonstone


Moonstone carries the peaceful glistening energy for healing. These gemstones bring a feminine aspect with the intriguing shine visible from all angles. This light blowy stone is well-versed and dazzling all the time. This creation is best to be worn in clubs or music shows. One exciting factor associated with this stone is that it caters to people of all age groups without any gender biases. The range of bracelets comes in gamut, which includes a chunk of statements and simple wonders. Moonstone refers to femininity but looks equally good for masculine bracelets. Cancerians can simply settle for this gemstone to see the transformation unfolding. 


Touch of colorful moonstones


The color play of moonstone is enough to raise the bar of any occasion. Rainbow moonstone is an eye-grabbing choice, as its color is not derived from feldspar, unlike the rest of its variety, but the rainbow is actually a piece of translucent labradorite. The wide spectrum of colors is what gives it a distinct identity in a gleaming adularescence. This bright rainbow stone is an excellent option for anyone, a subtle creation to match any favorite outfit, from house parties to special nights; moonstone has it all. They cover you fully in their enchanting vibes and gives you pleasure on a professional and personal front. 


Blue moonstones –  They are becoming a more desirable and good-quality option among jewelry lovers. While looking for blue stones, search for striking color with fine structure in the gemstone. Also, adularescence plays a significant role in justifying the blue sheen and quality. They resonate a lot with summertime, as their relaxing properties soothe the mind and feel like the ocean. 


White moonstone bracelets- They ensure the whimsical balance of all outfits. It gives a complete white airy touch to moonstone jewelry. Celebrate this great companion at the beach or when lazing around at home. White gemstones are loved for their clarity and purity. The accessories are known for their fresh and lively formation. 


Peach moonstone bracelets – They are a more effervescent diverse color option. They are excellent for fertility and match beautifully with other gemstones. Peach stones look nice on rainy days and, of course, summers. Pair it with any attire to uplift your day from evening to night and maximize the benefits. They might not be as glittery and shiny as other varieties, but they have a subtle warmth stored within them. 


Choose the Material with ease 


When choosing a moonstone bracelet, the material is must to be checked with sound quality. The wide range of materials can be found in silver, rose gold, brass, or any fabric. Of course, the budget also matters when deciding the combination and in such a case, rose gold and sterling silver can become a wise choice for you. Especially during summers, the material should be skin-friendly too. But keep in mind to avoid using any harsh chemicals or detergents, as they will ultimately degrade the quality of jewelry. Instead, wash them with warm water and soap to ensure luster. 


Styles and cuts of moonstones 


Moonstone bracelets come in different cuts and styles. Choose from oval, pear, round, or any shape according to your taste and preference, along with different types like the wrap, hand-made moonstone bracelets, beaded, or cuff bracelets. It’s a great addition to your summer collection. Also, the healing of chakras makes it great when opting for this jewelry. Wear the bracelet on the least dominating hand to experience the saga of well-being. 


Moonstone bracelets can magnify any type of personality without the hustle, and also it can be paired with a sophisticated necklace or statement earrings. The fashion for this specific jewelry will never be outdated due to ample innovations and experiments in its designs. And honestly, it can add spark to any simple outfit with its versatile approach. If you are waiting to upgrade the bracelet treasury, then simply give it a pick of stone full of moon powers. 



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