What was the last time you bought something online like clothes, food, or anything? Maybe very recently, if I’m not wrong.

The online shopping trend is at its peak and will grow in the future. With the demand and the supply of online shopping, the third-party seller app owner is making maximum.

You all must be aware of the name Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy. These are the biggest names in making online shopping cost-effective and just in a few taps.

Every day new apps get launched even after having tough competition in the market because every app owner aims to have a successful app with an Etsy clone script that can make a dream come true.

Before dreaming of having an app like Etsy, you should know a little more about Etsy so that you can hire a company to build the app.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is the perfect online selling platform for those who make handmade or creative products from their artistic and creative mind and also the hub of customers who are always in search of artistic products.

Etsy is becoming a sales pipeline for young and creative minds who want to make a few bucks from their talent.

  • Etsy provides easy access to the sellers and the buyers.
  • It helps the artists and lovers of the art to discover unique products.
  • Helping the citizens shop from anywhere with any payment option, with the best offer and no frauds.
  • The app user can directly buy the product from a third party.

These were the few benefits and a short intro of the Etsy app, but for getting a perfect Etsy clone app, one has to know the reason behind how Etsy manages to get customers easily.

Showing the product to make customers shop from the site is a tactic the company uses to sell its top products.

If you want to have something similar to Etsy, here are the features an app should have.

Get To The User Easily

You want each of the customers coming to your app or website to get registered so that you can know about them easily. That’s fine.

You should have the data of your customers but never force any of your customers to register.

Even if the customer wants to get registered, don’t make it too long for the user.

The app can use social media credentials to get the registration done.

Regain the User With Rewards

You can regain the users or boost engagement on the app by providing rewards such as discount coupons on every purchase or with several achievements.

This will make the customers fall in love with your app. Getting a clone app like Etsy is easy, but if you have to compete, these features will help get more customers to your app.


I’m almost like a shopping animal and always hunt for things online. After placing the order, I usually track the order every day, and I know that I am not alone with this curiosity.

There are millions of people who have the habit of tracking their products constantly.

Adding the feature of a real-time tracker also excites the user or the customer. Follow the steps of big companies who are already in the field.

Methods Of Payment

While making an app like Etsy, they should ensure that they must get the app with multiple types of payment options.

The app should allow the customers to choose from various options because not every person needs to have the same mode of payment.

An app can use Phone pe, G-Pay, PayPal, Master Card, Credit Card, CoD, etc.

Multilingual App

To make your app reach every continent and corner of the world, get the app in multiple languages. With the number of languages your app will contain, more chances will be to gain customers from more regions.

Price Comparison

An app with the option of comparing the products adds a bonus point to the app.

The user will compare the two almost similar products very clearly and easily. This makes the interest of customers in your online shopping app.

Auto Generation of Tax

Fulfil the app with the feature of calculating automatically. It will be beneficial for the seller of your app.

They can manage the tax easily, leading to the minimum tax policies abandoning risk.


Artificial Intelligence-based chatbots can help the app get instant solutions to the general queries of the seller and the buyer. It will take care of the general queries 24*7.

Here Are The Three Essential Elements for Etsy Clone App

  1. Seller Panel
  2. Consumer Panel
  3. Admin/Owner Panel

Each of the panels has its importance while building a shopping app. Any of the missing sections will make the shopping app of no use.

In the panel of the customers, these specific things are necessary:

  1. Sign up/in feature
  2. Sign up/in feature using social media credentials
  3. Profile management
  4. Product listing and details
  5. Advanced search option
  6. Add to bag option
  7. Favorite
  8. Easy checkout options
  9. Guest login/up
  10. Multiple payment sections
  11. Multiple languages option
  12. Product tracking service
  13. Chatbot for general queries
  14. Customer executive options
  15. Ratings and reviews

These sections should be available in a shopping app for the convenience of the customers. With time you should upgrade or add new features for providing better service to the customers.

The pillar of the shopping app will be the seller, who will come up with their products for selling on your platform. Their product quality will add a bonus point to your app.

  1. Easy sign up/in feature
  2. signup/in through social media
  3. Seller dashboard
  4. Customized dashboard
  5. Report and analysis of the products
  6. Returning management
  7. Managing discounts on products
  8. Multiple payment methods
  9. Settlement module
  10. Ratings and feedback

These features should be there to make the app user and seller-friendly. It can make things much easier than others.

Admin panel for controlling everything:

  1. Strong dashboard
  2. Users management feature
  3. Seller administration
  4. Goods management
  5. Commission management
  6. Invoice
  7. Offers and discounts on the products
  8. Payments and refunds management
  9. Stock Management
  10. Reviews management
  11. Loyalty agendas
  12. Develop QR code
  13. Chatbots for instant replies
  14. Trade Management
  15. Tariff management
  16.  In-app movement management

These are the basics for Etsy Clone apps. You can get the apps with such features to maximize the customers and users.

One can avoid a few of the points if you want a simple shopping app, but I would suggest that if you want to get a good app, you must include these features for the fulfillment of the customers and sellers.

The more user-friendly the app will be, the more chances to get maximum engagement.

Choosing the Etsy replica script can make things much easier for the buyer and the seller, as it can bring both of them under one roof.

For getting, the Etsy-like clone app, you have to be careful with the development company for the app as it will be almost like your dream project.

But the seller will join your platform to sell the products, and the buyers will purchase how the platform will make money out of that?

Let’s take an example from the Etsy app-only how they make money.

  • Commission from the sale: The Etsy app charges the seller who joins their platform to sell their creative products and make a sale.
  • The company charges a small percentage of the total selling price with every successful sale.
  • Even with the smallest sale, they receive a commission, and they earn a good amount through that.
  • Processing Fees: The app charges their seller flat payment processing charges based on the banks according to the location.
  • They adjust the processing fees and their commission in between that.
  • Advertisement: If someone is joining your platform to sell their product, it means for maximum sales and profits, they will require the promotion and advertisement for the product.
  • Etsy or any shopping sites sell their space on their website or app landing page to their listed seller to promote their product.
  • And they charge an amount from the sellers for that space. Any company can make a lot of return with the advertisement.

You can also allow your seller to advertise at your space, and for that, you can charge, or with every sale, you can charge the amount. With this tactic, your app can make a profit directly or indirectly.


A perfect app can make you a billionaire by money and the marketplace. But! But! But! The last but not the least thing is the development of the application. It will be part of your dream, and you cannot give your dream project in any hand.

To build an app like Etsy, you should hire a team of professionals from the app development industry. Suffescom Solutions has already delivered more than 300 live working apps worldwide and currently works on plenty. You can hire them for the perfect execution of your project.